About US:

11 years working excellence projects.

We are a Mexican company dedicated to the maintenance, engineering and construction of industrial and commercial type, founded on March 24, 2007 in the city of San Luis Potosí.

We are currently backed by 11 years of experience throughout our career and a team of 60 people, including engineers, technicians, assistants and construction personnel.

Our objective

Our main objective is to offer with quality and professionalism preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance services, as well as engineering and construction.

In Pervi we seek to be an integral solution to your maintenance needs.

Our philosophy

Capacidad, creatividad y profesionalismo.

Capacity, creativity and professionalism.

Our philosophy is based on the responsibility and commitment through capacity, creativity and professionalism.

We have a firm conviction that only through personal and continuous improvement and service attitude we can provide high quality products and services.

Our values:

We are a company founded on moral and ethical values, which provide a sense of quality and excellence to all the work we do.





Courses and certifications

At Pervi we are concerned about keeping up-to-date on all regulations that involve the services we perform, which is why we constantly receive training and courses that support our work, such as:


DUNS code


Specialties DS3


Work Secretary Courses




Specialized trainings

Project gallery:

These are some of the works in which we have collaborated:

Maintenance to real estate

Commercial maintenance

Industrial maintenance